The Institute of Forage Crops conducts research, applied and service activities in the following directions:

Breeding, variety maintenance and seed production of forage crops;

plant growing;

technologies of forage production;

grassland production;

plant physiology and biochemistry;

plant protection;

forage preservation and quality evaluation, and nutrition of ruminant animals;

soil science, agrochemistry, economics and management.

The research activities are conducted in two experimental fields, one greenhouse, and eight specialized laboratories.

Ivelina Mitkova Nikolova
Prof., PhD
Tel: +359 64 805 882
Scientific department: Breeding and seed production of forage crops

Object of activities of the department:

Breeding of lucerne, sainfoin, birdsfoot trefoil, winter and spring pea and vetch, Sudan grass, cocksfoot, tall fescue, smooth bromegrass, perennial ryegrass, phacelia, etc.;

Conservation, management and enrichment of plant genetic resources in forage crops;

Development of forage crop varieties with high forage and seed yield, tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress, adaptivity, improved forage quality;

Scientific department: Forage production and animal breeding

Object of activities of the department:

Improvement and up-dating of main technological units and working-out of complete ecologically friendly technologies meeting the requirements of contemporary agriculture for forage and seed production from annual grain leguminous and perennial herbaceous forage crops;

Studies related to soil cultivation and increase of its fertility, recultivation of low-fertility and disturbed soils, variety cultural practices and crop rotations, fertilizing, sowing and sowing rates, dates and methods of harvesting, models for companion cropping of land, nitrogen fixation, improvement and utilization of meadows and pastures;

Extension Service Bureau

The Institute has an Extension Service Bureau that popularizes and introduces the scientific achievements, renders direct advisory assistance to farm growers on a national and regional level.